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Mountain Home Events

Beyond Van Gogh

Join local yoga instructors on select Saturdays for a guided Beyond Van Gogh Yoga experience! Class will be held in the exhibit’s Immersive Room, amongst Van Gogh masterpieces and a beautifully mastered symphonic score. All levels of experience are welcome. 


Beyond Monet

Experience a revitalized perspective on over 400 masterpieces by Claude Monet with Beyond Monet. Immerse yourself in this unique opportunity to practice yoga with Honey Yoga amid these captivating artworks.

Crystal Bowl Healing at the Station Pub

Come on a journey with us offering yoga and meditation.
We will start with the choice of smudging then move into some light yoga postures combined with the frequencies of the crystal bowls. This will be followed by a 30 minute sound bath mediation and 15 mins of reflection together.

All skills levels are welcome to this monthly event.

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